Hark, dear, smelly peasants, and hear now the Tale of Sirs Otters, and how they didst rise up and sort of possibly slay the great wyrm, assuming that’s what they actually did, since we do not want to have to invoke Ye Spoiler Alerte!


In this outing, the Otters are bold, brethren knights of an ancient kingdom that doesn’t have very high knight-hiring standards, called forth on the honor of the king’s gold reserves to do battle against a vicious dragon – and perhaps even its terrifying master!


Yes, it’s a tale right out of medieval lore, filled with action and intrigue and implied damsels in distress! It’s also the prettiest Otters comic ever made, hand-drawn, hand-toned, and intermittently hand-cramped! Do your part to chip in on Norm’s carpal tunnel surgery while simultaneously getting the most dragony Otters story yet!



8 fire-breathing pages by Norm Scott!     $1.69

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