Enter the Old West and kill some pesky cougars in READY DEADDY CAT! You play as Dirk Saddlepuncher, freelance cowboy, who has just wandered into town to settle a score with old rival Finnigan O’Bloodletter, who Dirk believes is responsible for the death of his mentor Grizzlebob Teachmonger some five years ago!


Of course, you never actually SEE Dirk on-screen, and since the game is pretty much just a shooting gallery, none of that matters in the slightest. Still, it’s good to have some background.


Save the townsfolk from a difficult, yet finite, cougar invasion in Town Defense! Try to save yourself from an endless cougar invasion in COUGARGEDDON! Experience an Undead Nightm– er — Differently-Alive Dark Fantasy as you fend off Zombie Cats and feline Necromancers! Literally paint the town red with the blood of a thousand cougars! Yuck!


Two Game Modes!

Moderately-Original Power-Up System!

Hand-Animated Death and Destruction!

The Screen Miracle of Cou-GORE!

Strangely-Addictive Cougar Mayhem!


Standard Edition (Windows)          $1.99


Give the gift of cougar-killing to up to 10 Friends and relatives!*


Gift Edition (Windows)                    $9.99


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With the exception of an altered menu screen, there is no difference whatsoever between the content of the standard and gift editions of READY DEADDY CAT.


The Gift Edition, however, does come with a license that permits the buyer to make and distribute 10 additional copies of the game to anyone the buyer so chooses. Got an online pal who deserves a stocking stuffer? Bingo! A faraway friend you haven’t seen in ages who may not even remember you? Excellent! An acquaintance who merits a gift of some sort, but nothing more expensive than a double cheeseburger and definitely nothing that requires postage? The ideal candidate!


So treat your coworkers and worry your family with a Spookingtons game this year!


*What Is The Gift Edition?

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